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Matsubara, who worked as a nurse for the terminally ill, illustrates the journeys of her patients. A collection of heartwarming messages about the life, family, and love, filled with beautiful photographs and gentle words. By examining what death means, The Last Message from the Angels allows readers to understand the wonder and joy that is life, giving them the courage to live. 


-   The angel who lost his youth

-   The angel who forgave

-   The angel who persevered

-   The angel who cried for their friends

-   The grief-stricken angel

-   The angel who watched other angels

About the Author

Born in Osaka in 1965, Nanami worked at a trading company before becoming a nurse; however, due to sudden illness she was forced to leave her job. Upon recovery Nanami studied psychology and the links between health, art, and illustration. She currently creates art based upon her experiences as a nurse that deals with the problems surrounding death and the pain it causes.  

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