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Having trouble with memorizing things that are new to you? Or perhaps you can’t remember people’s names? Those over 30 may be familiar with such situation, maybe thinking it’s hopeless to revive the memory. In fact, the author Hideki Wada explains that those above 40 are more likely to improve their productivities and creativities by effectively exploiting own memory. In this book Wada, the professional expert of psychology and university entrance exam advisor, discusses ways that make it possible, compressing his entire knowledge and experience into reasonable length.

About the Author

Hideki Wada

With a rich education background, attending medical school in both Japan in the United States, Dr. Wada specializes in psychological care. Wada is one of the first Japanese doctors to gain popularity abroad for his approach to psychology and self help. He is currently a lecturer at the International University of Health and Welfare, a psychological advisor at the Kawasaki Koh Hospital, an irregular professor at Hitotsubashi University, and the head of the Hideki Wada Clinic. 

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