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The bestselling author of Why Good Business People Do Muscle Training, whose original training methods have gained him a following within Japan’s business community, imparts knowhow on the right diet and exercise methods needed to build a sound mind and body. In this book he illustrates how to build the right foundations necessary in the quest towards becoming an accomplished businessperson.


- The connection between lifestyle and the mind

- How to make fitness a part of your life

- Ways to help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle

About the Author

Keiichi Yamamoto

Training guru, personal trainer, and fitness consultant, Yamamoto is one of the top personal trainers in Japan. Yamamoto’s unique training methods are so popular with business people and managers that booking a training appointment with him is extremely difficult. In addition to providing personal training and coaching, Yamamoto writes and delivers presentations to spread awareness about his work. Before becoming a personal trainer, Yamamoto was a member of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, and also worked at a high-end fitness club before becoming independent.

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