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The U25 Survival Manual Series was created in order to help readers 25 and under make it through these difficult times. This first volume of the U25 Survival Manual Series was written by legendary youth blogger “Hachu,” whose blog gets over 470,000 page views daily. Popular with students and young readers, Itoh explains how she created the “Hachu” persona and used it to propel herself into the business world.

Message from the author:

“’I have no idea who I am. I have no idea what my strengths are. Help!’

To those who have picked up this book with these thoughts in their head, go and figure out who you are.

However, no matter how hard you try, you probably won’t find the answers.

So rather than trying to figure out the answer to a question you can’t comprehend, rather than trying to start something you can’t understand in the first place, try making the person you want to be and work from there! After that, completely become this person you’ve created. Continue to “act out” who they are because doing so will always let you be the person you want to be. It’s ok not to know the “real you” because while doing all this, your true strengths will find their way through. And once you know your strengths, you’ll be able to figure out what you can do and what you want to do.

I say this because I still don’t know what my strengths are and who I really am; so I keep on integrating the role of “Hachu,” the person I want to be, with what I do know about myself. “Hachu’s” very existence is what has allowed me to be a strong person and provided me with lots of fantastic opportunities.”


・  Live your life as if it were a play

・  Make your own “persona”

・  Improve your “persona”

・  Get the most out of your “persona”

About the Author

Haruka Itoh (Hachu)

Itoh is currently the top editor of the Beauty and Esthetics Coupon site “Kire Navi.” During her years as a university student, she became popular amongst female university students across the country for her creative projects like “get a boyfriend before Christmas!” Her popularity as the blogger “Hachu” translated into a wide range of work opportunities, which include her becoming a producer of a restaurant. In addition to her work as a producer, “Hachu” has also written for a number of websites and blogs, and currently holds a number of events, lectures, and continues to write in addition to her editorial work for “Kire Navi.”

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