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Explaining that men’s lives truly begins in their forties, author Asakura introduces essential health information based on the most recent medical developments to help men in their late thirties or older confidently lead youthful, healthy lives full of vigor. From metabolic syndrome to thinning hair, lifestyle diseases, diet, sleep, and sex life, this book is full of important information related to men’s bodies and health.


About the Author

Using her philosophy of “aging actively, vigorously, and beautifully" as a base for her medical and psychological advice, Asakura is a strong advocate of “active aging" which promotes the development of joy, confidence, youthfulness, and beauty as part of the aging process.

In 2002 she was presented with the Omega Award from the Swiss company, Omega SA, for her long years of work with non-profit organizations, citing her as a "woman who has made contributions to the international community."

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