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Author Dr. Masakazu Sawanobori, a certified physician who received his training at the world-famous Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International, U.S.A., explains that high doses of vitamin C have been proven to reduce the painful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This physician who has successfully treated his patients, introduces all about the mechanisms, effects, and how to receive vitamin C treatment.

Topics covered in the book include illustrated cases of how IV infusions of vitamin C have helped put cancer patients into remission, how vitamin C treatment reduces side-effects of cancer treatments, the latest developments in vitamin C cancer treatment research around the globe, and predictions for how this treatment will spread over the coming years.

This is the perfect book for those who are currently undergoing cancer treatment, as well as patients’ families and loved ones.


About the Author

Masakazu Sawanobori 

Dr. Sawanobori devotes himself to clinical medicine as a hematologist for the treatment of blood cancer, including leukemia and malignant lymphoma. As a clinical physician, Sawanobori has taken to heart the significance of preventing illness, devoting as much energy into the practice of anti-aging medicine as he does to his lifework, the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Sawanobori is an adjunct professor at the Hematology Division of Tokai University, and holds a variety of medical certifications from Japanese and international organizations

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