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In the wake of the March 11th earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear meltdown, countless numbers of people have stepped forward to speak out about the issues surrounding this triple disaster.

However, one man in particular, the young and charismatic monk Ryunosuke Koike, has received particular attention for his views on dealing with 3.11.

According to Koike, “with the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown, we as a society have been given a chance to re-evaluate the things that we once thought brought us happiness, allowing us to realize that they actually didn’t do so at all. Instead, it is time for us to realize that true happiness comes about from inner peace found within our hearts.”

Broken into three sections, Koike’s book teaches readers how to rid themselves of sorrow, how to become more compassionate towards others, and offers a critical look at what it means to be “happy.”


About the Author

Ryunosuke Koike 

Ryunosuke Koike is a Japanese monk who is actively involved in practices that extend beyond traditional Buddhist boundaries, such as holding meditation classes, and running his own website "Iede Cafe." Koike is charismatically popular amongst younger generations for his comprehensive yet easy to understand stress-busting Zen and Buddhist teachings. He has published 15 books in a three year period, with approximately 900,000 being printed in Japan. His latest work Buddha’s Voice Reinterpreted in Modern Words has sold over 200,000 copies alone.

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