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Ever wonder why you can’t seem to resist choosing the third item on a menu?

Japan’s leading restaurant producer and food consultant, Shuta Ujike not only answers this question, but also explains how you can increase your restaurant’s profits simply by rearranging the items on your menu.

This insightful guide on the way our actions interact with unconscious thought provides readers with a wealth of food service techniques and tricks, as well as a variety of valuable advice that can be applied to regular businesses and restaurants alike. 


About the Author

Shuta Ujiike

Ujike is an interior designer and food business consultant. Called “a mastermind of dining culture” and “contractor guaranteed to succeed,” he well-known for his ability to successfully sell products to traditionally difficult target audiences.

From the time he was a university student, Ujike became a pro at “gathering people together;” with some of his achievements including being the youngest person in the Japanese music industry to organize a stadium concert.

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