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When you’ve run across a major obstacle...

Just can’t seem to do anything right...

Nobody calls you “young” anymore...

From Matsui, Ichiro, and Nomo, to Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio; learn how to apply the same positive thinking techniques that 24 of the world’s most famous major leaguers use into your own life.

“Baseball is a game of failure. Even the best players fail about 65% of the time.” Warren Spahn

No matter how tough times might be, by applying the lessons in this book into your life, you can set alight the “winning spirit” inside.


Major Leaguers featured:

Hideki Matsui


Hideo Nomo

Jim Abbott

Babe Ruth

Hank Aaron

Derek Jeter

Julio Franco

Satchel Paige

Yogi Berra

Ted Williams

Warren Spahn

Mickey Mantle

Pete Rose

Mariano Rivera

Pedro Martinez

Jackie Robinson

Ricky Henderson

Joe Dimaggio

Cal Ripken Jr.

Joe Torre

Joba Chamberlain

Jim Morris

Masumi Kuwata

About the Author

Isao Hirooka

Hirooka is a public relations officer for major league baseball teams, working for teams such as the NY Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, dealing with Asia Pacific issues. He has written several books focusing on baseball leaguers’ lives that were released by several publishers.

Hirooka is also a member of the Japan Society for Business Ethics Study.

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