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Written in ‘comic essay’ style, this book explores human psychology. Is there any reason why babies often stare at attractive men and women? Why do we feel happy when we are together with others? Why are we drawn to something we are familiar with? Using comic illustrations that depict life of an ordinary family, this book casts light on such tiny mysteries and wonders in our daily lives and explains psychological reasoning behind.

About the Author

Ayako Ueda

First gaining notice for her appearance on NHK’s Asa-ichi  morning program as a “face researcher,” Ueda’s discussion on how to present your face in the most socially appealing way piqued the interest of viewers across Japan. Currently working at the Japan Women’s University as a professor, Ueda’s goal is to discover more about how our faces effect our interactions with others through “face research” on topics such as facial expression, make-up application, and facial structure.

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