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The U25 Survival Manual Series was created in order to help readers 25 and under make it through these difficult times. 

Rather than adhering to the same old rules, why not try turning things upside down and working your way? In this third installment of the U25 series, founders of the Enigmo 7 IT company describe how their unique approach to work allowed them to get their company publically listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange while still in their 30s.

“No Money. No connections. No experience.

But in spite of this, we were committed to achieving our goal to create our own work.”

According to the founders of ENIGMO, the most important things when it comes to work are:

  Have fun!

  Make work your passion

  Always stay on top of the ball

  Be open

  Be real

  Make concrete goals

  Exceed limitations


Part 1. Just have fun!

Part 2. Be cool!

Part 3. Enjoy your job!

About the Author

Sadato Tanaka

After graduating from the UC Irvine Graduate School of Management, Tanaka worked as a strategic planner before simultaneously opening the website Buyma and founding Enigmo in 2004.

Shokei Suda

After graduating from the Keio University Graduate School of Science and Engineering with a degree in computer science, Suda worked at Hakuhodo Inc. as a marketing planner from 2000-2004 before founding Enigmo.

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