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After working as a model and companion, author Kuroda founded her own modeling agency. Representing over 3000 women since its founding, Kuroda discusses the difference between women who can and cannot find happiness. What might surprise readers is that “it doesn’t take an impressive degree, beauty, intelligence, or talent to be happy,” but rather...!

With each lesson on how to find happiness broken down into a daily chapter, readers need only devote 10 minutes a day for a month to change their lives. 


-      Learn how to become a positive thinker

-      Spend time with happy people

-      Improve your ability to communicate

-      Accept how old you are

-      Use time well

-      Improve the way you eat

-      Don’t compare, don’t covet

About the Author

Miyako Kuroda

Kuroda is the president of Chat Noir Inc., a modeling and companion agency that currently represents 800 women at its Tokyo and Osaka offices combined. Kuroda regularly gives seminars for women from differing fields on human resources management. 

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