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Partnership Opportunities

Here you can learn about partnership opportunities unrelated to the buying and selling of rights. For information about rights please click here

At Discover 21, we firmly believe that in order to deliver the very best to Japan and the world, that we openly consider all kinds of products regardless of format, language, or style.

Development of new business ventures

Discover 21’s motto is “change your perspective and change tomorrow.”
From the time Discover was founded our mission has been to help build a 21st century that reflects this motto through the release of new media and products.
With the global market expanding at an ever-increasing rate, we hope to push the boundaries of publishing and bring fresh, new products to readers across the globe. We are looking for business partners who believe in the Discover 21 vision and are interested in developing the following:

  • Co-planning of new books, media, etc.
  • The sale of products other than books and printed material
  • Co-development of apps
Co-publication with Discover 21

Immediately after the English-Japanese bi-lingual printing of STYLE from TOKYO, the street snap collection from Japan’s top fashion blogger Rei Shito, we were contacted by publishers in Spain and Germany who were interested in selling it outside of Japan. In addition to STYLE from TOKYO, we have also co-published picture books for adults, gift books, and other illustrated books across the globe.
Please contact us if you are interested in co-publishing.

Representative products sold through Discover distribution channels

One of the things that sets us apart from other Japanese publishing companies is our direct sales approach. As a smaller publisher, one of our largest assets is the sales and promotional power we have invested into the expansion of our brand. Doing direct transaction sales with over 4,000 stores across Japan, companies and agents who are interested in selling their own products in Japan need look no further.
In addition to the sale of books, we have also begun to sell stationary, health supplements, and other products through our online shop. For those interested in selling items other than books, please contact us for further information.

Business Opportunities