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New Titles

100 Words That Makes You Happy in 3 Seconds

Great words can bring happiness to your life instantly. Those words not just realize happiness but also  help you understand the world in an insightful way. Knowing the words of wisdom makes it easier for you to navigate the world and life. Here is the collection of these wise quotations that will enrich your life.

Great quotations connote full of wisdom and can bring happiness to your life. Even though they are just words, they capture the reality in a way that makes us realize what is important and how we should navigate our life and be happy. This book offers a great set of quotations from the West, East, and all other parts of the world that will guide you in a practical way for your success and help you feel happy.

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The Right Cleaning For The Right Place

Cleaning could be so easy and fun, when you know the right cleaning for the right place. With everyday materials, The Right Cleaning For The Right Place transforms your cleaning experience. Start today!

Cleaning is deeply ingrained in our everyday life. Every day, week, or month, the amount of time we have to spend on cleaning is astonishing. However, we rarely find cleaning enjoyable, because we do not know the right cleaning for the right place. The author Hiroe Motohashi has something great to share with you. She works at a chemical engineering firm and knows nuts and bolts of chemicals. She is also an advanced cleaner, who utilizes her knowledge of chemicals for cleaning purposes. Above all, her cleaning method is natural through and through, only using methods good for a human body. Read this book and learn about

what the natural, right cleaning has to offer to you! 

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The Economics of Education

Should you reward children for good grades? 

Are video games a hindrance to schoolwork? 

How much praise is too much? 

 Parents have countless questions about how to best raise their children, most of which don’t have clear answers.  The Economics of Education takes a look at what the science tells us about these questions, challenging conventional wisdom about the best approaches to child development and education as well as their effects on our children’s future. 

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Dieting for Life

It’s time to take a look back at what your ancestors ate.
Everyone’s body is equipped with an ability to heal itself. In fact, your body wants to be healthy. All you need to do is give it the tools to do so. However many of us today are on a collision course with ill health and disease due to our diets. The good news is that getting back on track is easy, and it starts by simply changing the way you eat.
Charming illustrations by Kaoru Kusano accompany the wisdom of longtime food and health advocate Ryuzo Akiyama. It’s never too late to change your future, so why not start today? 

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A Monk’s Guide to Stay Calm: 45 Routine Habits for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

The third book of the Monk Series will teach you how to stay calm in stressful everyday situations.

For those whose work involve high stress situations, it is crucial to establish habits that keep their minds calm and clear. You can come up with many ways to achieve this—running, meditating, and etc.,—but these never really get to the bottom of the problem. It’s time to turn to the time tested wisdom of Zen Buddhism. People in Japan, including former and current prime ministers, have benefited from Buddhism practices. This book is filled with these practical advices, specifically what to do in the morning and evening, in order to stay calm to the end of the day. The author is a practicing monk at a famous Zen temple in Japan, where the government officials of high ranks go seek help.  

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New Titles