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  3. 100 Words That Makes You Happy in 3 Seconds


Great words can bring happiness to your life instantly. Those words not just realize happiness but also  help you understand the world in an insightful way. Knowing the words of wisdom makes it easier for you to navigate the world and life. Here is the collection of these wise quotations that will enrich your life.

Great quotations connote full of wisdom and can bring happiness to your life. Even though they are just words, they capture the reality in a way that makes us realize what is important and how we should navigate our life and be happy. This book offers a great set of quotations from the West, East, and all other parts of the world that will guide you in a practical way for your success and help you feel happy.


About the Author

Mr. Kotaro Hisui is a novelist, translator of happiness, and copy writer. He believes that the life will change once you change your perspective. He studied psychology from Nobuyuki Eto of Japan Mental Health Association and holds the license of psychological counselor in Japan. He has written many books related to self-help and happy lifestyle.

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