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Learn everything you need to know about the past 100 years of management history in just one volume! Readers will remain engaged and entertained as they read about the development of 90 different management principles in this fully-illustrated, story-driven text.


Chapter1 3 head waters of Modern Management

Chapter2 The beginning of Modern Management

Chapter3 The great development of the Positioning group

Chapter4 Rival chiefs of the Capability group

Chapter5 Unification and Coordination of Positioning and Capability

Chapter6 Management environment and Strategy theories in the 21st century

Chapter7 The last answer “Adaptive Strategy”

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About the Author

50 Giants of Management Strategy

Koji Mitani is an Business Book Award and Harvard Business Review Award-winning and author and professor, with consulting  experience at Boston Consulting Group and Accenture.  He is currently the director of a non-profit organization focusing on education for people of all ages.  He is considered a trusted and respected authority on business in Japan.

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