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Natsume Soseki Next Door offers a glimpse into the personal life of one of Japan’s most famous authors.  A brilliant and prolific writer, he was a man of many contradictions.  He enchanted Japan, and indeed the literary world, during his short 49 years on this planet with his novels, letters, haiku as well as traditional Chinese poetry, and memorable quotes.  More than simply a biography, this work weaves together fiction and non-fiction for a funny and entertaining story that even readers unfamiliar with Natsume Soseki will enjoy.


1. Hungry Soseki

2. Sosuke and women

3. Natsume Soseki: Man of Meiji

4. Natsume Soseki: Family Man

5. Soseki’s friends and pupils

6. Soseki the Obstinate

7. Soseki’s finances

8. At a loss

About the Author

Yoji Yamaguchi is an associate professor of literature at Tokyo University, and holds a PhD in Chinese Studies.  He has done research abroad in both France and England.  He has written a variety of books, and his received praise for writing accessible books about kanji and the Japanese language as a whole.

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