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There is still hope for capitalism.

It is time to say goodbye to our current brand of capitalism where the pursuit of more and more efficient ways to boost profit is unrelenting.  Failing to do so, Arai argues, will reliably lead us to another collapse similar to that of the Lehman Brothers.

An expert investor himself, Arai believes that changing our relationship with money is the key.  This will require us to cast aside our current system of parasitic capitalism and cultivate an approach that is not only profitable, but beneficial to employees, customers, and the region as well.


About the Author

Kazuhiro Arai founded Kamakura Investment Management in 2008 with the motto “Let’s make more excellent companies,” and has since been seeking out excellent companies as Kamakura’s Chief Investment Officer. Besides running his own business, he serves as a member of the selection committee for the selection of “Omotenashi Management” companies chosen by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and has studied many companies of different sizes and industries. 

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