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Should you reward children for good grades? 

Are video games a hindrance to schoolwork? 

How much praise is too much? 

 Parents have countless questions about how to best raise their children, most of which don’t have clear answers.  The Economics of Education takes a look at what the science tells us about these questions, challenging conventional wisdom about the best approaches to child development and education as well as their effects on our children’s future. 


Chapter 1

Will what worked for others necessarily work for my kid as well?

Chapter 2

Is it really bad to use rewards as incentives?

Chapter 3

Is studying really that important?

Chapter 4

Is smaller class size really more effective?

Chapter 5

What exactly makes a “good” teacher?


Why education requires experimentation

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About the Author

Makiko Nakamuro is an associate professor and author.  She received her PhD from Columbia University, and has worked in finance and education ever since.  She specializes in the analysis of education based on economic principles. 

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