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Cleaning could be so easy and fun, when you know the right cleaning for the right place. With everyday materials, The Right Cleaning For The Right Place transforms your cleaning experience. Start today!

Cleaning is deeply ingrained in our everyday life. Every day, week, or month, the amount of time we have to spend on cleaning is astonishing. However, we rarely find cleaning enjoyable, because we do not know the right cleaning for the right place. The author Hiroe Motohashi has something great to share with you. She works at a chemical engineering firm and knows nuts and bolts of chemicals. She is also an advanced cleaner, who utilizes her knowledge of chemicals for cleaning purposes. Above all, her cleaning method is natural through and through, only using methods good for a human body. Read this book and learn about

what the natural, right cleaning has to offer to you! 


1. Cleaning essentials

2. What is the natural cleaning? 

3. The right cleaning for the right place

4. Science of cleaning

5. Cleaning Q&A

About the Author

Ms. Hiroe Motohashi is a chemical engineer, wife and author of several books

on cleaning and house duties. At Muromachi Chemical, Mr. Motohashi works on house cleaning chemical supplies. After she got married, she started doing

research on cleaning methods, and came up with an original, natural cleaning method that utilizes everyday materials.

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