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Coming in from outside the company ready to provide all the answers your company needs for problems regarding financial management, projects, etc. are consultants. You find yourself in awe of the jargon they use, feeling totally at ease that they will be able to solve everything for you. But, did you realize that this is possible because of the problem-solving framework they learned as new hires?

Become a Better Problem Solver! is jam-packed with basic frameworks that you can easily put to use in your everyday work. Even if you find yourself thinking that “frameworks have absolutely nothing to do with my job,” you’ll be surprised after reading just how useful they actually are. In fact, some of the frameworks have even been used for increasing customers for parties, and even getting a date.

Frameworks are not objectives but rather tools used to help you organize thoughts and ideas for business. They are used by so many people because of their capability to improve the effectiveness of your work, and allow you to increase the efficiency of brain-storming.

It’s not necessary to implement every framework at once. Even just by using one or two after reading, you’ll be surprised by how much more easily you are able to deal with work in areas you are unfamiliar with than before.

With the 20 frameworks in this book you can:

-    Become a more effective employee!

-    Be able to work at any company in any position!

-    Use the frameworks to help improve your personal life!



- The five "whys"

- Logic trees

- 3C/4C



- 4P/5P

About the Author

Yuta Namiki

Yuta Namiki is the representative director of Field Management Co., Ltd. He completed his MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and began working at McKinsey & Company, becoming the youngest executive in 2000. Since founding Field Management in 2009 he has provided consulting to a wide variety of top Japanese companies, including Sony, ANA, and Rakuten.

In addition to his work with Field Management, Namiki participates in professional baseball owner meetings, specifically helping Pacific League teams such as the Fighters and Eagles. Namiki is also the president and GM of Japan’s number one amateur baseball team, the Tokyo Bambaataa’s.

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