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Why is it that connections can get you anything in China?

Why is it that contracts and law is are unreliable in China?

Why is it that even though Japanese products are popular in China, that Japanese industries are struggling there?


For those who do business and other official work in China, it is likely that many find themselves wondering “why are things this way?” totally unable to understand the way their Chinese business opponent is thinking. In reading Guanxi and Chinese Society, you will be able to understand not only how individuals think, but also how the Chinese people as a group think and act. 

About the Author

Dr. David Tse

Tse is a graduate of the Hong Kong University Graduate School of International Marketing, later going on to earn his MBA in Management at UC Berkeley. 

Dr. Tse is currently a director of Marketing Management at the Hong Kong International University.

Shigemi Furuta

Shigemi Furuta is the Japanese representative of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and a guest professor at Ritsumeikan University (EMBA) specializing in research on Chinese businesses. Furuta is the author of a variety of books related to China and doing business with China.

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