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Why are same-day hotel reservations so cheap?

Why did JAL suddenly fall into massive debt?

If you understand the essentials of business finance, then understanding the answers to these questions will be a breeze.

In order to win any kind of sports game or match, there is one essential you cannot be without: rules. If you can’t understand the rules, then there’s no way you can win. Furthermore, if you want to increase your chances of winning you need to then have a grasp of strategic theories for each game.

Business works the same way: there are rules and strategic theories that will help increase your profits and beat your competitors. In order to understand and put these to use, you need to have some way to measure your own business’ success; whether it is doing good or bad, what needs to be improved, etc. The most effective tool of measurement in business is numbers. These numbers are not limited only to profit, but also include personal net worth and break-even points, to name a few.

In How to Understand Business Finances learn the essentials behind “the company’s numbers” in an easy-to-read, illustrated format. By the time you’ve finished the book, you will have enough essential knowledge to understand and make business finance work for you!


Understanding business finance will allow you to:

-    Understand the financial section of the news paper

-    Learn the essentials of business!

-    Gain the upper-hand in job hunting

-    And more!

About the Author

Masaru Yoshizawa

Yoshizawa is an accountant and registered management consultant. With the mission to contribute to the transformation of companies into healthy places to work, Yoshizawa founded his own office at the age of 26 and continues to provide consultation and seminars, in addition to his career as a writer. 

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