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In the midst of studying during his final year of high school, Daisuke finds himself worrying about his future, what he wants to do, and why he can’t seem to figure out the answers to these questions. However, after being invited to a seminar about making your dreams into reality by his crush, transfer student Manae, he begins to seriously think about his future for the first time in his life. Then one day, Daisuke decides to reveal his feelings to Manae, but...

This personal growth novel delicately weaves the love story of two high school students together with the author’s passionate messages of achieving one’s dream, giving readers the courage they need to identify their desires and use their passion to take the next step forward.  


“Right now, if you didn’t exist, nobody might notice. However, don’t forget that it is because you are alive that the world that the world could change. Don’t decide your worth as a human being based only upon what you can do right now. The things you’ll be able to do in the future are so great that you cannot even imagine them yet. I am sure that you all will bring great happiness to whoever crosses your path. Five years. Don’t underestimate the possibilities that lay before you.”


“For those of you who are brave enough to fight for what they want to do, your future is brighter than you can imagine.”

About the Author

Yasushi Kitagawa

Yasushi Kitagawa founded and managed a cram school in Yokohama after graduating university. While focusing on teaching English to high school students, he continued to study for self-improvement. Kitagawa began his writing career in order to help as many young people as possible achieve a better life. His other works includes Book of the Wise and Because I Met You (rights sold for Complex Chinese and Korean).

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